Saturday, August 29, 2015

Aston Villa vs Sunderland is a competitive game 4th in the EPL

Aston Villa vs Sunderland is a competitive game 4th in the EPL, which is the 4th match to be held on 29 August 2015 will bring together at Aston Villa Vs Sunderland. In this competition, will be dilakasanakan at Villa Park, Aston Villa team as host. Tim Aston Villa last week to 3 competition must be due to lose when fighting against Crystal Palace to produce the final score 2-1. It is estimated that the defeat was due to the receipt of Aston Villa have a defense that is less dense. And in the forthcoming matches, the team of Aston Villa seem to have to work hard, especially in the defense and up front if you do not want to lose. But because in the forthcoming matches, Aston Villa host, it is expected it will give you an advantage when Sunderland.

@.avf  T hink the future is bright for this football club. We need to stay in the league this season.
We have a very young team and in the years to come we will have a very good side who will have the extra Premier League experience from this season.
I have been pleased with the way the fans have responded to these guys.
They have been patient and know it's a transition period for this football club.
There's been a lot of change and we appreciate their patience.
In the end the patience runs out and you have to start winning games.
It's by no means a bad start to the season. We know if we win tomorrow, we have won three out of five and we'd take that all day.
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