Thursday, December 3, 2015

Real Madrid's Stance About Fielding a Supposedly Ineligible player, Cheryshev

Real Madrid

Tweet Football - Real Madrid party has spoken to the federation about a supposedly fielding ineligible player, Cheryshev

Liga BBVA - “I have spoken to the Federation tonight and we will see what happens over the coming hours".

Emilio Butragueño spoke to the media following the Cádiz game. The director of International Relations expressed Real Madrid's stance about fielding a supposedly ineligible player, Cheryshev: "The club were not notified about the sanction. We did not receive any form of notification from the Federation or from Villarreal and nor was the player informed about the circumstances".

"This is not about looking for someone to take the blame. We are going to wait and see what happens. There is an article, 41 of the Spanish Football Federation's Disciplinary Code, it states that the possible sanction will not take effect if the interested party is not notified personally and the player was not notified. That is why Cheryshev was playing".

"I spoke to the Federation tonight and we will see what happens over the coming hours. The ruling will be made on Friday and our legal representatives will have something to say. We can say little more, tell the truth about what happened, be cautious and careful. We have talked over the course of the night at the club with everyone involved and there is no record".  

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