Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Champions League: Chelsea 4-0 Tel Aviv Win Against

Tweet Football - The 4-0 win against Maccabi Tel Aviv was also the second game in a row in which the team has kept a clean sheet and that is fundamental to the Blues’ development.

Champions League - ‘We started the season as a team that concedes more goals,’ said Mourinho, ‘and now we lost in Stoke 1-0, we drew at Stoke in the Capital One Cup 1-1, we beat Norwich 1-0, Dynamo Kiev 2-1, so defensively as a team we had a significant improvement and also individually the defensive players had an improvement. The quality of our game improved a lot.

‘When the players are top, you want always more, you are never satisfied,’ he added.

‘We are never happy with the way we are playing. Even when we are playing very well there are always things to improve. We put ourselves in the position where the result became more important than anything.
‘In the Premier League the most important thing was to get better results. In the Champions League we have been always balanced, never an amazing position but never a position to scare us. Now the most important thing is to get results and with results the confidence is now coming. If you can develop better results, at the same time come better performances.’

Mourinho has also explained his thinking behind his first substitution against Maccabi, when he replaced Eden Hazard five minutes before Willian scored the second goal of the game.

‘I had Pedro on the bench, and that is important,’ the manager said.
‘If I did not have Pedro on the bench then I don’t think I could improve on Hazard’s performance for the last 20 minutes of the match. But when I have Hazard with 90 minutes against Norwich on Saturday and 70 minutes against Maccabi on a pitch that doesn’t help, and I have Pedro fresh and I see the Maccabi right-back in trouble, tired and with cramps, I decided to give a hard time to him and bring Pedro on. I made the change because I had Pedro.’

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